Norris pride themselves on providing highly skilled Tradesmen, Engineers and Project Managers to service a complex and diverse range of drainage and plumbing operations that include the following:

  • 225 – 1500 dia and above RCP & FRCP

  • 225 dia and below UPVC

  • Underslung UPVC 

  • Sports field drainage (Mega flow, Smooth Bore Ag Lines)

  • Grated trenches & grated inlets (Heel guard, Heavy Duty, Stainless steel)

  • Concrete box culverts

  • Concrete pre-cast and concrete In-situ pits

  • Downpipes

All facets of our plumbing are installed and tested to comply with the A.S 1260, A.S 4058 & A.S 4139

Norris Construction Group is equipped to successfully deliver a broad range of plumbing and drainage services on major and minor civil construction projects.