Vic Roads R1 Prequalified

Norris Construction Group is a VicRoads R1 Prequalified contractor, fully compliant with Australian Standards Quality (AS/NZS ISO9001), Environmental (AS/NZS ISO14001) and OH&S (AS/NZS ISO4801).

VEDN Accredited (Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks)

Norris is accredited for installation of underground electrical infrastructure, these works include excavation, trenching, installation of conduits, boring, cable hauling and installation of earthing systems.


Norris provides civil construction services in a manner that conforms to the contractual requirements of our client, the requirements of all applicable statues and regulations (ISO9001) and maintains market share based on demonstrated quality, service and price.

To provide a service and final product of optimal quality, it is Norris policy to ensure that management and operators are fully aligned with the Integrated Management System and company objectives concerning quality. Quality is followed and maintained by management and a team of engineers who monitor and record all quality related practices.


Norris provides a safe working environment for all workers by practicing safe work systems, regularly maintaining plant and equipment, safe facilities and worksites, communication, consultation, hazard identification and ongoing training. The company complies with AS/NZ4801 through regular auditing and maintenance of the Management System. The Norris Group management system delivers a systematic approach to safety operations and is an effective tool for providing a safe workplace for its workers.


Norris recognises that as part of delivering services to our clients, we have a moral and legal obligation to actively work to not only minimize the impact of our works on the surrounding environment, but to also work towards protecting and improving the environment around our work sites, achieving this through compliance with ISO14001. Our management system offers a number of preventative procedures to reduce or eliminate environmental damage from occurring.